Federal Judge Rejects Darren Sharper’s Plea Deal

Former NFL player, Darren Sharper’s, plea deal was rejected Thursday by a federal judge.

If you recall, Sharper plead guilty to drugging and raping women as part of a deal involving charges in California, Arizona, Nevada and Louisiana. He plead guilty or no contest to similar charges in the state courts. He was sentenced to eight years in Arizona and is awaiting sentencing in the other jurisdictions.

The judge stated that Sharper’s nine-year sentence, as part of the plea deal, was not adequate based on the seriousness of the alleged assaults against as many as 16 women.

The federal plea deal called for Sharper to serve a 108-month prison sentence if he complied with a list of requirements, including cooperation with authorities in the case against two co-defendants in Louisiana.

“This court cannot accept this plea agreement,” said U.S. District Judge Jane Triche Milazzo. Sharper and his lawyers were given until March 3 to decide whether to withdraw his guilty plea from last year.

Following court Sharper’s lawyers declined to comment.

Source: ESPN

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