Fellas, Keep Your Female Friends In Check

There’s nothing worse than the disrespectful female friend. This is the female that was friends with your man before you came into the picture that somehow feels entitled to your man because she came first. She has no tact when it comes to respecting your relationship and if he dare ignores her, she throws a fit. This girl has a problem and your man better put her in check. 

Often times men are far too clueless to see that their female friend is acting out for attention. Half the time they’re not smart enough to see that the same female friend that is acting out, has been throwing signs that she had feelings for him for some time now. Men just don’t get it. Women hardly go through this same scenario because we respect our men enough to let our friends know that our man’s feelings come first. Well, maybe not first, but they’re pretty important. Men on the other hand don’t know how to juggle female friends and their new girl and end up in a very tough position when the friend over steps her boundaries and pisses the new girl off. 

The problem with your boo’s homegirl is that women tend to be catty and territorial. If we were here first, we want to come first. Women can’t accept that another woman could possibly take our place. Look at the way Jim Jones’ mother acts around Chrissy. She’s a mother that can never be replaced by any woman but is still very territorial over her son. Imagine a homegirl every time a new boo comes around? She’s afraid, she’s insecure and in a few cases she’s secretly in love.

Fellas, this is where it is your responsibility to get everything in check. Failure to do so will result in a relationship that is less than pleasant. You must establish boundaries with your female friend. The key is to let her know that there isn’t a reason to feel insecure and that she can never be replaced. At the same time you want to inform her that her behavior is unacceptable and is going to put a strain on your friendship. You don’t have to force the two to become friends, but it helps to put the offer on the table. You never know, she might like the new girl. 

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