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That's Baller: Fendi Released a $390 Notepad & Pencil Set For Kids Returning to School
Fendi Notebooks and Pencils (Fendi)

That’s Baller: Fendi Released a $390 Notepad & Pencil Set For Kids Returning to School

Fendi is sending kids back to school in style with a designer spin on classroom necessities. 

The fashion house teamed up with designer paper company Fabriana to create a Fendi notebook and pencil set for the kiddos who want to stand out. Fabriana is the world’s leading boutique paper supplier, preferred amongst artists, writers, and publishers. 

Priced at $390, the set features three notebooks with Fendi prints on them, as well as a yellow box of colored pencils, also sporting the name on the front. 

Each notebook is slightly unique, giving kids options regarding which one they want to sport at school. One of the writing pads is covered in the classic brown monogram F prints. Another of the books also features the Fendi pattern but in the updated colorful version, which coincidentally pairs perfectly with the box of colored writing tools. Lastly, the final notebook is yellow and matches the customized pencil box. 

Crafted in Italy, as with the rest of Fendi products, the set is the latest non-clothing offering for children that the iconic brand has developed. Fendi backpacks are also a popular option in the kid’s section of their website, as well as monogram skateboards, scooters, and teddy bears. 

Will your little one be heading to class with the pricey notebook set?

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