Fight Breaks Out at Church During Pastor's Sermon

Fight Breaks Out at Church During Pastor’s Sermon

If you thought you’ve seen it all…think again. Bishop Kevin Adams sure didn’t expect to see what he saw in the middle of his sermon when a fight broke out in the front row.

Two men got into a tussle after one man swung on another at Olivet Baptist Church on Christmas Day. It’s unclear what the dispute was over but Bishop did everything possible to get their attention.

In the middle of the sermon, a man in a white tee approaches a man sitting down in the front row. He instantly swings on the sitting man before the other man sits up and posts up with him also. They both disappear off camera and start fighting. Soon Bishop follows them both interrupting his sermon, he says “Stop it, Marcus…Marcus…”

The church live stream ends.

Bishop posted a video explaining the situation and what happened. Apparently, the man in the white tee had recently gotten out of rehab and had attacked the youth pastor sitting front row. The Bishop believes the man in the white tee relapsed. He is admitting himself back to rehab and the church is fully supporting him.


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