Film Adaptation Of ‘The Color Purple’ Musical In The Works

Film Adaptation Of ‘The Color Purple’ Musical In The Works

A new adaptation of the 2005 musical adaptation of Alice Walker’s novel, ”The Color Purple,” is heading to the big screen.

Oprah Winfrey and Scott Sanders, the musical’s original producers will be joined by filmmaker #StevenSpielberg for the Warner Bros. production, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Spielberg was also behind the 1985 classic with the same name. 

“We’re really excited to create a film that translates the heart and emotion we found in telling this generational story on stage. This is an incredibly powerful drama that needs to be shared,” said Sanders.

No director, writer or cast members for the film have been confirmed. 

Jennifer Hudson or Cynthia Erivo, the Widows actress, could reprise their roles in the adaptation. Erivo won a Tony Award in 2016 for her role as Celie in the musical’s revival. The production also won the Tony Award that year for Best Revival of a Musical.

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