Finding Love On The World Wide Web

The world is changing and thanks to the internet it has become easier to meet people. You don’t have to be on the scene to snag a Baller these days. Now you can sit comfortably behind a computer screen and grab his attention. The internet is the new wave. People find love on here all the time. I’ve come to the conclusion that if someone follows you on 3+ Social Media sites, they want to date you. Think about it: They follow you on Twitter so they can know your thoughts,  They follow you on Instagram because they think you’re attractive and they follow you on Facebook so they can change your relationship status some day. It all makes perfect sense. It’s like running a background check and asking for references.  It’s very unlikely that a male will follow a female (that he barely knows) on Instagram if he didn’t think she was attractive so if your Baller has followed you on multiple sites, chances are he may have his sights on you.


Have you found love on the internet? What was the good bad & ugly? Let us know by sending an email to [email protected]


For now, read a WWW Love Story from a Baller Alert reader below:


“I moved to Atlanta from Mississippi..just packed up all of a sudden needed a life change (that’s another story). Having two kids and not knowing the area made it kinda hard for me to get out and meet people so my friend back home suggested that I do online dating. I created an account on POF and the msgs started pouring in, like a hundred a day…I had the sexual predators, the in town on business guys, the fake “dope boys”, and all kinda just boring lame convo guys. I have always dated athletes or the major dope boys so needless to say I have been in some f’d up trifling relationships (that’s another story too lol)…
I meet this guy preppy, school boy-ish, COMPLETELY not my type but I was like maybe that’s a good thing so I tried him out..typical Atlanta nigga really nice house, bmw…12 inch tv in the living room. Soooo, we were talking and he asked do I do drugs, I was like no, he was like don’t judge me bcuz I do..went and got some powder and a straw looked at me and said “ahhhh im just fukn with you, I don’t do drugs…told me a sob family story, I opened up and shared a family story also… He said “ahhhh I’m just fuking with you, but I hate u had to go through that” ..I mean nothing the whole night was true! He said he was in some play coming to Atl soon and he needed someone to practice scenes with him and he was nervous abt the kiss… So finally my friend called and did the “come save me routine” and I bailed! Weirdest night EVER!
On the search again, and after weeding through like a million msgs, I came across this guy from my hometown. He was so handsome, nice convo, career minded etc. long story short we started talking and meeting up. He was in nurse practitioner school, one kid, army vet..he seemed nice at first then all of a sudden he was always leaving his phone somewhere..Chillis, the grocery store, dog ate it, car ran over it etc. like the dumbest excuses ever. He seemed to lame to be tryna be a player..I didn’t know what was going on. I kept him around bcuz I really didn’t have anything else popping but I was really skeptical of him. So then he started saying how he thought he was falling in love with me and all kinda strange stuff for a person who I had only been talking to for a few weeks to say. So one day he said he had major dental surgery. And he said he went to a school of dentistry and they didn’t write him a pain prescription (which didn’t sound right, school or not who pulls teeth and gives root canals but doesn’t write prescriptions?) so he asked me to ask my mom to write him a prescription. Now I’m all the way uncomfortable..who asks someone they barely know to jeopardize their medical license and IF he was really in Nursing school he should have known better. So I was just like dude wtf is really goin on?..the phone shit, him coming up missing all the time, being mysteriously sleep, never inviting me to his place, always wanting to come to mine, just weird AF.  So, he called me crying saying his family didn’t have money like mine that’s why he never invited me over, he’s on like 5 diff anxiety meds and he really does sleep allot which is why I never hear from him at night, he could show me his cell records to prove he has phone issues…just all kinda psycho shit so needless to say I’ll never date online again.”

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