First Chris Houston, Now Vince Young Has An Imposter

Vince Young has identified the man as Stephan Pittman of Maryland and this man has got to be one of the most low down and dirty men in the world. He has been making hospital visits to children claiming to be the Eagles QB and has also been soliciting women for thousands of dollars by telling them that it would go towards The Vince Young Foundation. Reportedly Pittman has been impersonating Vince for several months and is also a registered sex offender. You can promise those dollars aren’t going to the Vince Young Foundation, but instead are splurged on night outs in Philly.  


What a sicko! Taking money from the kids? That’s low. Watch Vince talk about his impersonator below.


And of course Baller Alert put you up on game last year about this guy. Check out the post about some of the other foolish things (including rape, false imprisonment and all out LIES) he’s been up to HERE.


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