First Class or Coach—How Are You Traveling? Is First-Class Worth the Splurg?

First Class or Coach—How Are You Traveling? Is First-Class Worth the Splurg?

It’s time to weigh in. When it comes to traveling commercial, let us know how you’re flying. First-class or economy?

Some people only travel first-class no matter the travel time, while others have no problem riding in economy no matter the duration. One fact is, everybody’s arriving at the same time, on the same plane, regardless of where you sit.

Flight class status has more to do with the level of comfort, convenience, and the service you’ll receive while in flight, USA Today reported.

First-class flights differ among airlines, but you can always expect a few things from it, like bigger seats, priority boarding and deplaning, and better service from flight crews. But is it worth the extra cash?

Typically, domestic first-class flights range from a few extra hundred dollars, while international flights can cost thousands more. For example, a round-trip, nonstop flight from Atlanta to Miami on Delta costs $378 for the main cabin and $898 for first class. Which leaves the question is it worth paying the $520 increase for the one-hour and 50-minute flight?

But when it comes to longer flights, like international travel, it may be more ideal to pay for comfort. But be ready to foot a heavier ticket price. For a nonstop round trip ticket from Atlanta to Paris, prices start at 2,725, while first class starts at $14,386.  

Booking your ticket further in advance will help you score lower prices, and in some cases, you can use airline points and miles for a maximum upgrade.

So is it worth it? If you’re going on the dollar amount, the answer to this question is likely no. First-class tickets are way more expensive than any lower class. Despite free checked baggage and complimentary drinks that help the costs, those perks rarely make up for it entirely.

The real value of first-class comes from the convenience, services, and amenities it offers, which leaves the question, how much do you value those things? If you feel flying is a mood-setter for the rest of your trip, splurge on it.

At the end of the day, it’s all about preference.

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