Florida Woman's First “Date” With Man She Met Online Ends With Man Being Charged With Assault, Battery, and Extortion

Florida Woman’s First “Date” With Man She Met Online Ends With Man Being Charged With Assault, Battery, and Extortion

A Florida woman survived a “first date” nightmare after she went to the home of a man she had just met online.

The woman went to the home of Navarri Matthew in Royal Palm Beach around 10:00 am last Friday after getting a call earlier that morning from the man who found her dating profile online and wanted to get to know her.

The woman told deputies from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office that she spoke with the suspect for a while and “felt that he was normal enough to meet him in person,” so she drove to his house to meet. She also admitted that she did not know the guy’s name but was able to describe him.

Cops say the 23-year-old victim said there was no problem when she first arrived, but then Matthew’s demeanor changed, and he became “sexually aggressive.”

According to the arrest report, the woman and “Navarri Matthew were hanging out on the couch inside the residence. [The victim] stated that Navarri Matthew then approached her closely and stated, ‘you aren’t leaving until you [perform oral sex].’ [She] stated she felt uncomfortable, so she told him she wanted to leave and stood up. Navarri Matthew shoved her back onto the couch and stated again, ‘you aren’t going anywhere until you [perform oral sex].’ [She] grabbed her cellphone and began calling a male friend of hers to stay on the phone until she could leave the residence. Navarri Matthew then attempted to grab [her] phone and hung up the call. [She] advised that when Navarri Matthew turned his back and [sic] she was able to run outside of the residence and call her friend back.”

When she got outside, the victim realized her car keys had fallen while she was trying to escape. That’s when “Navarri Matthew chased her down the road and then got into her vehicle, a 2021 Toyota Camry (rental car) valued at approximately $30,000 and left the residence without her permission.”

The responding deputy contacted the home’s owner, who turned out to be Matthew’s mother and obtained a copy of the incident on their Ring security surveillance.

That footage showed the victim walking out of the residence visibly upset with Navarri Matthew following behind her. She asked for her keys and when he returned she was on her cell phone.

The deputy reported that the footage showed “Navarri Matthew walk towards the vehicle and open the driver’s door and trunk.”

 Matthew then was observed rummaging through the victim’s trunk, searching through the items of the vehicle.”

The report also explains that Matthew called her while the deputy was taking the incident report at the victim’s home. 

Police heard Matthew tell  the victim, ‘If you want your car back, you can pay me $2000 for it and if you don’t come alone, I will kill you and your family.'” The deputy noted the threat, extortion and admission of theft of the vehicle in the report.

Matthew now faces seven criminal charges: second-degree grand theft for the car, extortion for demanding $2000, burglary by going into the car and trunk, grand theft for taking from the car, assault for threatening and charging at the victim, battery for shoving the victim down on the couch, kidnapping for not letting the woman leave, and making threats to a public official in the squad car.

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