First-Gen iPhone Sells for Almost $200K, Setting A New Record From Previous Auctions

First-Generation iPhone Expected to Auction for $50,000

LCG Auctions is auctioning off a brand-new first-generation iPhone, and it’s expected to fetch $50,000.

In 2019, the phone’s owner, Karen Green, had it valued on the talk show “The Doctor & The Diva.”

The appraiser estimated its value at $5,000 since it is an 8GB, not a 4GB, and it is in its original packaging.

“In 2007, I got a new job, and my friends bought me the latest, newest first-generation iPhone,” Green said.  “It had all these neat things on there to do a new job, like a calendar.”

Green claimed that she had just received a new phone and didn’t open the package.  “I didn’t want to get rid of my phone, and I figured, ‘It’s an iPhone, so it will never go out of date.'”

However, she had no idea that the iPhone would have numerous updates and be offered in different iterations.

So far, LCG Auctions has received two bids for the unopened phone.  The auction will run until Feb. 19, and it is expected to reach $50,000.
LCG has previously auctioned off first-generation iPhones before.  In August, one sold for $35,414, and again in October for $39,339.

“There’s little doubt that interest in culturally relevant collectibles is rapidly increasing, and despite the impressive sales numbers, many believe the space is still in its infancy,” LCG says.

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