Baller Alert’s Year in Review: Five Positive Things That Came Out Of 2020

Twenty-twenty was truly nothing to play with. This year we lost beloved celebs, Kobe Bryant and Chadwick Boseman. We were spun into a pandemic that has wiped out millions and sent people home without a way to pay their mortgages and rent. While there have been several stressful events in 2020, I’m a firm believer in “This too shall pass,” and we must persevere despite the adversity we faced this year. As we move on into 2021, here are some positive things that came out of this intense year. 

  1. Verzuz Battles

Thanks to music producers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, we now get to see some of our favorite artists battle it out record-for-record in the comfort of our homes. 

2. Earth Got Healthier 

Business shutdowns sent families home, which meant less traffic and pollution.  According to the Inquirer, since the world’s shut down, the Earth has seen an improvement in air quality, less threatened wildlife, and clearer skies, especially in Los Angeles. 

3. The Supreme Court Ruled No One Can Be Fired For Being Gay Or Transgender

It shouldn’t have taken this long for the government to provide human beings with basic human rights. But then again: it’s America.

4. We Got Our First Female, Black and South Asian Vice- President-Elect, Kamala Harris

Again, this effort shouldn’t have taken until 2020, but we are happy to see it regardless. The Howard University alum will take her position serving as the 49th Vice-President come next year. Did we mention she’s also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., too? 

5. Donald Trump Is Outta Here!

It’s about dang time. Four years, millions of tweets, and false claims later, we’ve finally kicked the orange agent to the curb. While some weren’t so happy about Joe Biden being selected as our next President, let’s bask in the idea that we will hopefully never have to see the likes of Trump leading this country ever again. 

Verzuz Battle

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