Five Reasons You’re Getting Coal For Christmas

It’s that time of year when Santa makes a list and he’s checking it twice. Many hope that their name makes St. Nick’s nice list. However, despite vigorous efforts to get gifts, it remains that coal is a very real possibility. Realistically, those in your life may not be in a space financially to get you a gift. And that’s fine, but for those that can afford gifts, you might still get a lump of coal for one of the following or a combination of the following.


You’re petty. It’s funny at times, but after a certain age or beyond a certain point, it becomes corny and childish.


Santa knows that you took a few things that didn’t belong to you from work when you quit, like the iPad, bulk paper, and ink for your printer.


And although Sza has made you feel like being a side chick was acceptable, Santa is not with the sh*ts. So coal is what you will get in conjunction to not celebrating Christmas with “him.” And for the guys, the same thing applies to you.


Let’s be honest. You don’t really deserve a gift. St. Nick has a record of all the lies you told this year, including the little white ones.


And we can’t forget your rudeness. I guess it’s safe to say coal for your cold-hearted self.


Maybe next year, you’ll do better and be a better person.

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