Five Suspects Arrested For Keeping Woman Caged As A Sex Slave In A Georgia Home

Five Suspects Arrested For Keeping Woman Caged As A Sex Slave In A Georgia Home

Five people are facing charges in connection to the kidnapping and imprisonment of a woman kept inside a Georgie home as a sex slave.

Demichael Dawson, 24, Shonna Powell, 32, Anjelika Figueroa, 29, Dawson Weston, 19, and  Savannah Piazzi, 18, were all arrested at the Augusta home on Nov. 29. They have been charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, aggravated assault, and weapons charges. 

In addition, Dawson was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. 

The 20-year-old woman was discovered in a feces-filled dog cage by a former resident who returned to the home to pick up some of their belongings. 

One of the residents explained that the victim was being kept in a cage because she stole something and would be kept as a sex slave until she paid it back. 

The New York Post reports that when deputies arrived at the home, the victim was found on a bed with injuries to her face. The terrified woman had severely bruised and swollen eyes.

Neighbors tell WRDW that cops have been called to the residence before.

“I’m glad that I can bring my daughter outside and not have to worry about gunshots going off or anything like that,” neighbor Crisa Lee told the outlet.

The outlet also reports that more than half of the suspects involved have previously been arrested. Figueroa has previously been charged with batter, while Dawson has arson, burglary, and theft charges on his rap sheet. Powell has also faced battery charges, along with terroristic threats from last year and operating an unauthorized vehicle with blue lights from earlier this year.

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