Ballerific Fashions: Five Times Designer Brands Have Trolled Us
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Five Times Designer Brands Have Trolled Us

For years, fashion houses have pushed style boundaries. However, some trends have seemed more like troll releases than actual looks meant to be taken seriously. What makes these quirky offerings even odder and seemingly a joke are the usually high price tags that come along with them. Nevertheless, fans still line up to spend money on these ridiculous designer goods, even if they’re not exactly the most wearable.

Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Padova Bubble Blower – $175

For those who enjoy bubbles, Tiffany & Co. offers a sterling silver bubble blower at the price of $175. Though not a huge ticket item, that is quite a steep cost for a device that can typically be purchased at any local dollar store for a dollar.

Tiffany & Co. Bubble Blower
Tiffany & Co. Bubble Blower

Balenciaga Chips Bag in Yellow – $1,750

If you love potato chip bags and would like to use one as a purse, Balenciaga has the perfect purchase for you. The calfskin sack is decorated with chip artwork on the front and back, as well as the brand’s logo. Using an actual chip bag from your local grocery store is much less expensive, though it may not be as stylish.

Balenciaga Chips Bag
Balenciaga Chips Bag

MSCHF Big Red Boots – $350

The MSCHF Big Red Boots were the talk of social media when they dropped in early 2023. Many celebrities, such as Lil Wayne, Coi Leray, and Rich The Kid, were all spotted rocking the $350 boots. Though this purchase is certainly not as pricey as other offerings on this list, the cartoonish appearance of the shoes made them appear almost unreal. These rubber boots also come in yellow and black.



Prada Money Clip – $400

Prada decided to test buyer loyalty with a high-priced paper clip, which they are referring to as a “money clip.” Once priced a little over $180, according to Cafe Mom, the tiny accessory has now ballooned to around $400. It also happens to be out of stock on Prada’s website, an indicator that it was a hot commodity.



Balenciaga Scotch Tape Bracelet – $4,400 

In another bold Balenciaga offering, the brand has introduced a bracelet that looks identical to a roll of tape typically found in any hardware or dollar store. However, Balenciaga has deemed their spin on the tape worthy of $4,400. The bracelet appears to be available in select stores and comes in different sizes.


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