Flo Rida’s Mother-Of-Child Wants Rapper To Stop Neglecting Their Child

Flo Rida’s Mother-Of-Child Wants Rapper To Stop Neglecting Their Child And Custody Support Agreement 

The mother of rapper Flo Rida’s child wants him to stop ignoring a court order stating he must pay child support and medical care for his sick three-year-old son.

According to Bossip, Alexis Adams filed court documents accusing Flo Rida of neglecting his judge’s order to pay for their son’s educational and health care needs under the terms of their child and custody support agreement. Adams claims that Flo Rida has not paid for the child’s health care insurance and school tuition, and adds that he’s been late on child support.

Their son, Zohar, who was born last year, has a history of medical issues, including autism. Thus, Zohar has to receive specialized medical care and attend a school that meets his needs. The outlet reports that Flo Rida’s failure to pay for the child’s school tuition last year removed him from enrolling in his upcoming school year. For now, Zohar has been placed in a public school, but Adams says that his behavior has been declining.

Adams states that she’s tried to reason with Flo before opting to take legal action. She says her communication attempts have been futile, and the only response she received from Flo is statements from his lawyer saying he’ll forward the bills to Flo Rida. At this point, Flo has yet to respond to the motion, and if he refuses, he stands the risk of being held in contempt of court and put in jail, Bossip reports.

This isn’t Adams’s first child custody rodeo, as the two have previously battled it out in court. But as for Flo Ria, his finances seem to be straight, as he recently paid $1.5 million for a ranch-style home in the Miami area. He also provided testing for COVID-19 in his community.

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