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The Perfect 4/20 Playlist For Your Mary-Jane Festivities

Florida City Fires Information Technology Manager Over Legal Medical Marijuana Use

A Florida City information technology manager was fired after a urine test found marijuana in his system.

Safety Officer Tim Scott and Risk Analyst Alexis Galvan reported Jason McCarty to city management after smelling marijuana near his car. According to the Palm Beach Post, McCarty, who has a Florida medical marijuana registration card, smoked the night before he was spot tested. He denies smoking marijuana at work.

“I just think it’s outrageous, insulting,” Russell Cormican Jr., McCarty’s attorney, said. “There’s this perception around the country that people don’t get screwed over by marijuana laws anymore. People’s lives can get turned around over this. It’s really wrong.”

The city changed its employee drug-use policy in 2019.

“The use of marijuana by city employees, including medical marijuana, with or without a prescription, is prohibited.”

Cormican believes that McCarty’s termination was extreme.

“He’s not trying to be a medical marijuana martyr,” Cormican said. “He just wants a job.”

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