Florida Cop Charged with Battery and Misconduct After Violent Arrest of Woman Is Caught on Video

On Friday, Officer Alejandro Giraldo was charged with felony official misconduct and misdemeanor battery, two months after he was seen violently arresting a black woman on video. 

According to NBC, Miami-Dade officers arrived at the scene of the incident on March 5 in response to a 911 call from 26-year-old Dyma Loving. Loving had called to report a man allegedly threatening and waving a shotgun at her and her friend Adrianna Green.

In cellphone footage captured by Green, Giraldo is seen forcibly grabbing Loving by the arm, pushing her into a fence and throwing her on the ground before handcuffing her.

Giraldo defended his questionable actions, accusing Loving of being “uncooperative” and not obeying commands. Loving was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting an officer without violence, which has since been dropped.

“An arrest of one of our own is disappointing, and overshadows the hard work of the dedicated men and women of law enforcement, who strive daily to serve and protect our community,” police director Juan J. Perez said in a statement. “This particular case underscores our commitment to cooperate and work together with the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office in our continued effort to hold ourselves accountable.”

Giraldo is expected to be arraigned on May 24.


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So yesterday me and my friend Adri Green were minding our business and this white male began to harass us as we walked up the street when we responded in a way he didn’t like he pulled a gun out in my face and told me he would shoot my burnt black ass face off my neck. I called the police and instead of them checking him and getting him together me and my friend gets interrogated like we are the ones with the gun then I ask if I can just go in the house to charge my phone.! Officer #7839 came 3rd car to the scene acting as if because he has a badge he’s oh so bad talking down upon us and acting like what we went through didn’t matter. My emotions were high I had a barrel in my face and I just wanted to talk to my kids. The officer was acting completely ignorant and hostile towards us so I felt pressure.! He said I needed to be Vaporacted or whatever which means sent to a mental hospital because I was in shock.! Officer A.Giraldo was completely wrong in every aspect in the situation. I clearly didnt get very loud until he lounged at me and became physical with me.! So instead of the man that pulled a gun out on me going to jail I wind up going to jail for disturbing the peace when my peace was disturbed just by walking down the street and I have to be harassed and my life threatened and for resisting arrest without violence .! 1 the officer was completely wrong in this situation 2 they never read me my rights 3 what’s the problem with me going to put my phone on the charger inside a house that isn’t even involved in the investigation 4 who said I can’t be emotionally stressed after all that happened this has to stop there is no way any of this should have happened but because of my skin tone for sure I’m the one being criminalized and treated like the one with the gun.! Then when she told him he could have approached me differently he said he should have tazed an unarmed civilian female that did absolutely nothing wrong.! Everyone please share share share #blacklivesmatter #benjamincrump #miamidadepolice #crookedcop #modernslavery #modernracism #miamidadecommissioners #homesteadpolicedepartment #floridacitypolicedepartment #mdpd #foxnewsmiami #foxnews

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