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Florida House Passes Bill to Ban Children Under 16 from Major Social Media Sites

Florida is actually banning kids under 16 from using big social media sites, even if their parents are okay with it. This new bill, doesn’t even say which sites it’s targeting. It just goes after any site that keeps tabs on users, lets kids post and chat, and has features that make them want to keep using it. But, get this, it doesn’t stop kids from using apps for private chats.

The guy who came up with this bill says these social media companies are just trying to hook kids. But really, isn’t it just overstepping and taking away parental rights? And think about it, social media is a huge part of how our kids learn and connect with the world. It’s not just about likes and notifications; it’s about information, opportunities, and staying in touch.

Even Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is against this. They’re saying, ‘Hey, let’s find another way, like maybe just requiring parents to approve app downloads.’ They also think this should be a nationwide decision, not just different rules in different states. By banning teenagers, we’re just putting our Florida kids at a disadvantage compared to others.


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