Florida Man Abandons Son on the Side of the Road

Florida Man Abandons Son on the Side of the Road Because He Thought the Child was Gay

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A Florida man is behind bars after authorities say he abandoned his son on the side of a busy Florida turn lane because he believed the boy was gay.

30-year-old Evenaud Julmeus allegedly drove his pre-teen son to the Haines City Police Department on Sunday with just a duffel bag filled with clothes. A bystander witnessed the ordeal and notified authorities. When police located the visibly shaken child, he informed them that his father caught him “watching male pornography on his cell phone,” which infuriated Julmeus. Believing his son was gay, he instructed the boy to pack a bag because he was “taking him to the police where they would find him a new home.” The boy was found with no cell phone, food, or water.

The boy’s mother, who has not been identified, went searching for her son immediately upon learning of the incident. As police made their way to Julmeus’s home, he fled the scene, leaving two other children alone without supervision. He has now been charged with three counts of negligent child abuse without bodily harm.

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