Juan Granda
Juan Granda

Florida Man Arrested For Repeatedly Raping 80-Year-Old Disabled Woman

Authorities in Florida have arrested a man that they say repeatedly raped an 80-year-old disabled woman over the course of a year.

Hialeah police arrested 57-year-old Juan Granda after the victim told a family member that Granda repeatedly pinned her down and raped her numerous times within a year. The elderly woman said that she would try resisting the 220-pound man but was too weak to fight him off of her. According to the arrest report, Granda lived with the victim and is said to be a relative, though the exact relation is unknown. The victim said that the man would brazenly try raping her when he took her to doctor’s appointments and would even record the assaults. The victim’s family confronted Granda, who denied the allegations. However, a relative of the woman discovered images depicting the rape on two devices in the home. Once confronted with the evidence, he threatened to kill himself.

Granda was arrested on Tuesday after confessing to the crimes, despite the investigation into the rapes beginning back in June. He is being held at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in Miami, where he is facing charges of false imprisonment and sexual assault of a physically incapacitated person.

Though he has been apprehended, the victim fears that Granda will retaliate against her for coming forward.

Juan Granda
Juan Granda

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