Family Calling for Justice After Florida Mom is Shot and Killed After Neighborhood Dispute Escalates

A family is calling for justice after a Florida mother of four was shot and killed through a closed door following a dispute with her neighbor.

At a news conference on Monday, Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods said that Ajike Owens, 35, was shot and killed after going to the Ocala, FL, apartment of her neighbor who had earlier yelled at Owens’ kids as they were playing nearby and threw an object, striking one of them. While Woods said it pair of skates, Ben Crump, one of the attorneys representing Owens’ family, said it was an iPad. Owens went to retrieve it from the neighbor who took it when the kids accidentally left it on the field they were playing in.

On Friday, police found Owens with gunshot wounds when they arrived at the shooter’s apartment in response to a trespassing call. She was pronounced dead shortly after being brought to a nearby hospital.

“I wish our shooter would have called us instead of taking actions into her own hands,” Woods said. “I wish Ms. Owens would have called us in the hopes we could have never gotten to the point at which we are here today.”

According to Woods, there had been an ongoing feud between Owens and the person who shot her, and police have responded at least six times since January 2021 in relation to the conflict. So far, police have yet to release the details of the shooter’s identity.
Before criminal charges can be filed, detectives are working with the States Attorney’s Office to investigate self-defense claims before moving forward.
Due to Florida’s “stand your ground” law, the sheriff noted that he could not lawfully make an arrest until he can prove that the shooter did not act in self-defense.
In a statement, Crump claimed the kids had been playing in a field near an apartment complex when the shooter, whom he only identified as a white woman, started shouting racial slurs at them.
Woods added that investigators haven’t spoken to Owens’ children, who were there during the incident, since they first want to consult with child therapists.
According to Woods, the shooter provided the majority of the information the deputies have.

“There was a lot of aggressiveness from both of them, back and forth,” Woods said. “Whether it be banging on the doors, banging on the walls, and threats being made. And then at that moment is when Ms. Owens was shot through the door.”

Pamela Dias, the mother of Owens, claimed that she was fighting for justice for both her daughter and her grandchildren.

“My daughter, my grandchildren’s mother, was shot and killed with her 9-year-old son standing next to her,” Dias said. “She had no weapon. She posed no imminent threat to anyone.”


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