Florida Nurse Accuses Doctor Of Purposely Giving Her COVID-19, “Well, If I Have It, Now You Have It, Too”

A Florida nurse filed a lawsuit against the doctor she worked for, claiming he intentionally gave her COVID-19 and denied her personal protective equipment.

Venise Jean-Baptiste told news station WVSN that she had been pushing her boss, Dr. Joseph Piperato, to make sure the Project Access Foundation office in Miami was following COVID-19 guidelines, to no avail.

The registered nurse claims that Dr. Piperato came into work with the virus’s symptoms in March after attending a Miami Beach dance festival.

“He was coughing more, and you could tell he may be sick,” Jean-Baptist said.

After suggesting he get tested for COVID-19, the doctor turned and purposely coughed on her.

“He just went ‘Ahhh,’ and he said, ‘Well, if I have it, now you have it, too. Now, leave me alone,'” Jean-Baptist said.

After being coughed on, she tested positive for the virus and spent a week in the hospital receiving treatment. Her 2-year-old son also tested positive for the virus.

Jean-Baptiste has since recovered has retained attorney John Leighton. The attorney claims the office did not want the burden of having a confirmed positive case, forcing the office to close for two weeks.

“It’s profits over people,” Leighton said.

In her lawsuit, Jean Baptiste is seeking damages for her health, medical bills, and recovery.

A spokesperson for the Project Access Foundation denied the allegations, telling the outlet that all “steps necessary to comply with CDC and State guidelines” to protect the public were taken during the pandemic.

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