Florida Restaurateur Charged After Police Found Cocaine, Fentanyl, Ecstasy, Heroin, Weed, & More

A Florida restaurateur was serving up more than hot dogs when he was located in his truck with cocaine, heroin, and other heavy drugs.

Louis Younglove, of Louis Younglove’s Chi-Town Italian Beef & Hot Dogs, was arrested on February 4th and remained in Broward County Jail as of Tuesday. He is being charged with a slew of drug-related offenses such as trafficking in cocaine, trafficking in fentanyl, trafficking in ecstasy, trafficking in amphetamines, trafficking in heroin, marijuana possession with intent to sell, Xanax possession with intent to sell, and several others. He was also charged with failure to use care after ramming an unmarked Broward Sheriff’s Office vehicle with his truck to avoid a traffic stop.

His arrest came after Broward Sheriff officers followed Youngblood from his Fort Lauderdale home to his restaurant. The 57-year-old drove his Toyota Tundra to the eatery but did not park in his usual spot. Instead, he went toward Southeast 15th Street. When one officer tried to make a traffic stop, Youngblood allegedly tried to escape and hit another BSO unmarked vehicle.

Police found a large number of drugs inside Youngblood’s truck, including 109 bags of cocaine weighing 162 grams, 102 grams of marijuana, 219 grams of edible THC, 37 bags of fentanyl, 44 grams of ecstasy, 451 Xanax pills, 36 oxycodone tablets; 28 hydrocodone tablets, 57 Adderall pills and 23 8 mg packages of buprenorphine. Additionally, they found $18,474 cash. At his home, BSO found another $500,000 and more drugs.

Youngblood’s bond is set at $1,351,500.

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