Florida School Officer Tases Female Student After Physical Altercation

A Florida school officer shot a female high school student with a taser after a physical altercation.

A graphic video shows a violent interaction between a teen student and an officer. In the video posted online, a teen girl is seen fighting an officer as he tries to restrain her. TMZ reports the altercation started after the female student got into a fight with another student and resisted the officer when he tried to intervene.

According to a police report, the officer went up to the girl as she was going after a male student in the cafeteria in Eustis High School in Central Florida. The cop said he tried to stop the girl but instead retaliated by punching him several times in the head. The deputy said he tried to talk her down, but it was useless, and she then allegedly punched him in the face.

TMZ reports the cop warned the teen before shooting her with the Taser. She reportedly ignored him, and that’s when he launched the stun gun. The video shows the girl falling to the ground after being hit. The student was taken to Lake County Jail and was later released to her guardian on home detention.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office said the officer was hit 18 times before deciding to use his stun gun. TMZ reports the incident was reviewed, and the department determined the officer acted lawfully and within agency policy.

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