Florida Senate Approves Bill That Will Allow Teachers To Carry Firearms On Campus

The state of Florida has passed a bill that will allow school teachers to carry firearms on campus.

In a 22-17 vote, the Florida Senate approved a bill on Tuesday that will permit teachers to carry guns on school grounds, if local school boards agree to allow employees to carry them.

If the new bill is carried into law, local school boards and charter school governing boards would still have to vote on if they would authorize teachers to be armed on their individual campuses, according to the Hill. Teachers who choose to carry their firearms will have to undergo a psychological test and a minimum of 144 hours of training. 

Republican Florida governor Ron DeSantis, as well as other Republicans, have expressed their approval of the bill. The political party believes arming teachers with firearms could potentially prevent mass school shootings like the 2018 attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Many Democrats feel the bill is a step in the wrong direction, saying it increases the probability of gun violence in schools. The party also feels schools should put their money into other resources and programs.

According to The Hill, the new legislation will also include standardizing a risk assessment process for at-risk students and proposing new guidelines on school-based mental health.

Gun for School teachers

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