Florida Sex Trafficking Bust

Florida Sex Trafficking Bust Leads To Arrest Of 160 People, Cartersville Georgia Deputy Police Chief And 2 Disney Employees Among List

 A massive sex trafficking sting has taken down 160 people, including two Disney workers, several teachers, and a Georgia deputy police chief. 

During the week-long operation dubbed ‘Operation Fall Haul II,’ investigators found at least two sex trafficking victims and possibly more to come, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office said on Friday.

The massive 160 arrested are accused of responding to online ads and agreeing to meet up for sex. Among this list is 49-year-old Jason DiPrima, who at the time was the deputy chief of the Cartersville Police Department in Georgia, The Daily Mail reported.

DiPrima has since resigned from his position after initially being placed on administrative leave pending an internal investigation, according to a press release.

The operation resulted in 52 felony charges and 216 misdemeanor charges against those accused, which also included several who work in the school system. 

High school IT expert Cameron Burke from Ocoee, Florida, was arrested in the sting for soliciting a prostitute. John Layton, an Orange County physical education teacher, Carlos Gonzales, an Osceola County math teacher, and two Disney employees were also accused and arrested.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd also called out a 24-year-old corrections officer, who is a two-year employee of the Lake Correctional Institution, who is also accused of two counts of soliciting a prostitute.

‘Now think about this,’ Judd said. ‘This guy is in charge of people who are in prison for violating the law. He comes, and he violates the law. So, birds of a feather flock together, and he’s in the jail as a jailbird like those jailbirds he watches.’ 

Cameron Burke, 41, a computer technician for a high school, was out on bond after previously being charged with sexual assault of a 15-year-old student in 2021 when he was arrested as part of the bust.

Physical education teacher John Layton, 26, was reportedly wearing a track and field shirt for West Orange High School when he allegedly was arrested for agreeing to pay $40 for an unspecified sex act, the outlet reported.

Two Disney employees have also arrested the bust.

Guillermo Perez, 57, who works at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort as a bellhop, is accused of agreeing to pay $80 for a brief sexual encounter with an undercover detective. While Samy Claude, 26, a photographer contracted by the same company, was charged with soliciting a prostitute and allegedly came with a bag of sour Skittles to the meeting.

Those arrested are between the age of 19 to 64, with 26 reportedly married and seven suspected of being in the United States illegally.

 ‘The online prostitution industry enables traffickers and allows for the continued victimization of those who are being trafficked,’ Sheriff Judd said.

‘Our goal is to identify victims, offer them help, and arrest those fueling the exploitation of human beings (Johns) and those profiting from the exploitation of human beings. Prostitution is not a victimless crime – it results in exploitation, disease, dysfunction, drug and alcohol addiction, violence, and broken families.’

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