Florida Teacher Under Investigation After Telling Students That White People Didn’t Whip Slaves

A Florida history teacher is under investigation after telling students that the N-Word means “ignorant” and “stupid.”

The Island Coast High School teacher sparked outrage after a student named Hector uploaded a video to his TikTok, @elnegrosabrosoo. In the clip, the user’s classmate is heard telling the educator, “They [white people] would crack the slaves with the whips.” The teacher responds by telling him that white people did not whip Black slaves. He also said that the N-Word only stood for being “stupid,” “not well-educated,” or “ignorant.”

Once Hector laughs at the ridiculous claims, the teacher threatens to kick him out of the class while insisting that they have an “honest conversation.”

“The N-Word just means ignorant,” he says. “It doesn’t have any other meaning in any other vocabulary other than ‘You are a stupid person. You are not well-read. You are not well-educated.’ That’s what it means.”

The school’s official Twitter account responded to the video, confirming that they were looking into the incident.

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