Florida Veterinarian Pleads Guilty to Bestiality and Child Pornography Charges, Could Face Up to 87 Years in Prison

According to reports, bestiality and child pornography charges were filed against an Aventura, FL veterinarian after investigators received information about his behavior.

Prentiss Madden pleaded guilty to five federal counts after he admitted to recording himself sexually abusing dogs, on top of thousands of photos and videos of child pornography.

“I mean, he sleeps with dogs? And when you’re supposed to take care of dogs, and yeah, that’s crazy,” dog owner Joe Wesley said.

Many local residents were shocked when they heard the news because many of them were familiar with him and had placed their dogs with him in the past.

“That’s insane,” dog owner Lucy Rayburg said. “That’s insane and disgusting and very sad. He pled guilty? Oh, my God, what is wrong with people?”

Madden’s actions were discovered in May 2020 after a cyber tip alerted investigators. Federal prosecutors followed the tip to a Dropbox owned by Madden, where they found years’ worth of sexually explicit material, ranging from child pornography to bestiality.

The GPS coordinates of the sexually explicit dog videos were traced to Madden’s apartment and the Caring Hands Animal Hospital where he worked, according to court documents.

In a statement on Madden’s plea, Caring Hands Animal Hospital wrote: “This is a significant step forward for our family at the animal hospital, and the community as a whole, in the process of healing and closure … confidence that the court will render an appropriate sentence for the unthinkable crimes that Mr. Madden has pleaded to.”

Madden’s sentencing is scheduled for Oct. 8th, 2018. Five years in prison is the minimum sentence, and 87 years is the maximum.




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