Florida White Supremacist Brutally Punches An Innocent Woman In The Face During Hateful Rant

In Nokomis, Florida, a self-declared white supremacist who was gushing over Trump and expressing his hatred for others ruthlessly attacked a bystander.

The vicious altercation is being described as “one of the most vile, disgusting displays” seen in a long time.

Nicholas Arnold Schock, who is also a self-proclaimed Aryan, began screaming before making his way in a restaurant.

“I’m a white supremacist, Aryan Nation will rule the world,” Schock yelled. “People covered in tattoos are gonna be my closest relatives, I promise you.”

For those who do not know, Aryan Nation is an American anti-semitic, Neo-Nazi, white supremacist terrorist organization.

When asked to calm down because kids were present, Schock replied, “I don’t give a f***, call Donald Trump, please.”

Schock was still spewing out ignorance trying to come inside when a female staffer blacked him.

According to reports, “with all his might, he unloaded a punch to her face.”

Instantly, Schock was tackled to the ground and arrested. He is being charged with battery and disturbing the peace. He is still in custody.

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