Florida Woman Accidentally Shoots Detective Believing That He Was A Home Invader

A Florida woman is being held behind bars for shooting a detective that she mistook for an intruder.  

The ordeal took place in Jacksonville, Florida, on September 28th, just before 8 a.m. Diamonds Ford and her fiance’ Anthony Gantt, were inside of their home asleep when Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrived to carry out a high-risk search warrant. Ford was not aware that the authorities were at her home. Instead, she heard the sound of glass breaking and believed that a home invasion was taking place. Fearing for her life, she fired her weapon, hitting Detective R.M. Nauss several times before he returned fire. Due to his bullet-proof vest, he was not seriously injured.

“She had no idea it was law enforcement in her home. Once they made their announcement, she complied,” said Ford’s attorney, Stephen Kelly.

On the 911 call, the 28-year-old woman is heard whispering her address to the dispatcher and pleading with them to “please hurry” as gunshots are heard in the background. The woman says, “someone is shooting,” and moments later, a sheriff’s officer can be heard ordering the couple to “open the front door.” It is at this moment that Ford realizes that it is Jacksonville Sheriff Office at her home. She immediately complies with their commands. 

Kelly says that his client is remorseful for what took place but is eager to prove that the shooting was a result of a misunderstanding. He believes that the 911 recordings can exonerate the woman.

“She would send her remorse to the officer, would be happy that he is recovering, and send her well wishes to his family, but I think she would want everyone to know she is not a cop killer that she respects law enforcement and at no time did she have any idea that the person she was firing shots at was indeed JSO.”

Both Ford and her Gantt were denied a lower bond, despite Kelly playing the 911 tape for the judge.

News4Jax crime and safety expert Ken Jefferson also listened to the 911 call. He agrees that Ford had no idea that law enforcement were the ones entering her home.

“It does not appear in my opinion that she knew that the police were out there or that she wanted to take a shot at the police or try to fend them off. It’s clear based on the recording she just felt that someone was breaking into her house, protecting herself and her property of which she is allowed to do by law.”

The couple has been charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer and armed possession of marijuana with intent to sell.

Diamonds Ford


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  1. Bogus as attempted murder charges. Hope they get dropped. They killed Breanna Taylor and not a single charge but this woman can’t protect her home against unknown intruders in the middle of the night.

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