Police say that Ajike Owens was shot by her Florida neighbor after she allegedly felt threatened by one of her children.

Florida Woman Accused Of Killing Ajike Owens Reportedly Felt ‘Threatened’ By Her Children

Police say that Ajike Owens was shot by her Florida neighbor after she allegedly felt threatened by one of her children.

According to People Magazine, Susan Lorincz called 911 and complained that one of the children threatened to beat her up after she found them trespassing on her Ocala property.

On the call, she said the children could be heard “Just screaming, yelling, just being absolutely obnoxious.”

She said, “I went and threw the roller skate over to the other side; the kid says he’s going to beat me up for that, and he’s mouthing off to me. I feel threatened in my own home.”

The dispatcher then asked if the child was still out there, and Lorincz replied, “There are several kids out there right now,” she said. “I’m fearing for my life. I’m very scared.”
In response to a question about weapons, she said, “No.”
Eventually, Owens knocked on Lorincz’s apartment door to confront her about allegedly disturbing her children after Lorincz allegedly tossed a roller skate at Owens’ 10-year-old son. When she did, 58-year-old Lorincz fired through the door, killing the 35-year-old Black mother of four children.
Around 9 p.m. on June 2, following numerous reports, police found Owens in front of Lorincz’s apartment.
At a news conference, Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods said, “Upon arrival, they found a victim suffering from a gunshot wound and immediately rendered aid until medics could arrive, but unfortunately, Miss Owens passed.”
In connection with Owens’ death, Lorincz is now accused of manslaughter with a firearm, criminal negligence, battery, and two counts of assault. It’s unknown whether she’s entered a plea or hired a lawyer.
Family Calling for Justice After Florida Mom is Shot and Killed After Neighborhood Dispute Escalates
Ajike Owens, 35


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