Florida Woman Admits to Threats Made Against Kamala Harris: ‘Kamala Harris, You Are Going to Die.’

A Florida woman is looking at five years in prison after she admitted to threatening to murder Vice President Kamala Harris.

Ever since Joe Biden and Harris stepped into the White House, a nurse and mother of five named Niviane Petit Phelps, has repeatedly threatened to kill Harris, The Hill reports. In videos she sent to her husband in prison, the woman claimed Harris’ days were numbered and said she was hired to murder her.

“Kamala Harris, you are going to die. Your days are numbered already. Someone paid me $53,000 just to f— you up and I’m gonna take the, I’m gonna do the job, okay,” exclaimed Phelps, who was arrested back in April.

The Washington Post reports that Phelps pleaded guilty to six counts of making threats against Harris on Friday. Her attorney says his client was merely expressing her anger toward Harris in private conversations with her husband.

“[She] was just venting as she was going through a tumultuous time in her life,” the lawyer said. He also mentioned that “it has been important for Ms. Phelps to demonstrate her acceptance of responsibility as she begins to atone for her aberrant actions.”

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