Florida Woman Skinny Dips in Stranger’s Pool, Tells Homeowner to “Leave Her Alone”

Leave it to Florida to be the land of a trespassing skinny dipper who refuses to leave a stranger’s home.

That was the scene on Wednesday when Port Charlotte resident Jim Clark returned to his Cambridge Drive home following a doctor’s appointment and discovered clothing strewn about his lanai. Shortly after, he found 42-year-old Heather A. Kennedy in his pool naked.

“We saw like a shirt and some shoes and a bag, you know, and like a couple denim shorts and a jacket,” Clark stated. “Totally unreal, you know?”

Clark says Kennedy was “totally incoherent” when he asked her to leave his home and even became hostile towards him, demanding that he leave her alone to finish her relaxing afternoon.

When Charlotte County deputies responded to the home, she also asked them to stop bothering her. After several attempts to reason with her, they tried to detain her. However, Kennedy continued to protest and refused to leave the Clark residence. Eventually, officers arrested the angry woman, hitting her with trespassing charges and resisting officers without violence.

Before making her way to Clark’s home, the woman attempted to break into his neighbor’s pool. Luckily, the screen door to that pool was locked.


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