Floyd Mayweather Joins Cameo App; Becomes Second ‘Most Expensive Celeb’ On The Site Behind Caitlyn Jenner

As the world begins to shut back down due to COVID-19, people are becoming creative with how they make money while out of work.

That statement rings true for celebrities as well.

Last week, Floyd Mayweather joined the website cameo and became ‘the most expensive celeb’ on the site, according to the boxing champion, until #CaitlynJenner joined and released her rates.

According to TMZ Sports, Mayweather is charging $999 for Cameo vids, while Jenner is charging a massive $2,500.

Dropping a stack for a shout out from Mayweather also comes with customizable messages (birthday shout outs, motivational messages, boxing tips, etc.) for personal and professional use at “an affordable rate.”

“I want to be the first celebrity to make a million dollars on Cameo,” Floyd exclaimed.

Mayweather’s Cameo account is in partnership with the company Stardam, which aids celebrities in helping with endorsements for businesses, the outlet reports.

Other celebrities with Cameo accounts are charging rather lower prices like Ray Lewis, Brett Farve, and Mike Tyson, who are charging $300 each while, Roy Jones Jr., on the other hand, is charging fans $199.

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