Floyd Mayweather Says He's Not Going To Criticize Diddy's Situation
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Ballerific Fashion: Floyd Mayweather Dons $1M Hat During Davis v. Garcia Fight Encrusted With Diamonds [Video]

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is known for his expensive taste. This time around, he’s amped up on the diamonds.

Mayweather was spotted ringside during the Gervonta Davis v. Ryan Garcia fight, and probably from afar, thanks to his expensive bling. His jeweler told TMZ that the boxing legend was wearing a hat worth over a million dollars.

Shuki Diamonds said he spent over a month making the diamond-encrusted cap for Mayweather, which required a lot of time trying to find the perfect “invisible diamonds.”

Shuki added that the whole process of getting the diamonds on the “The Money Team” hat was challenging, adding that it was painstaking to get it just right. It required both molding and sandblasting to make it shine to perfection.

“It’s a big process,” Shuki said.

Shuki, a Los Angeles-based celebrity jeweler, gave it to Mayweather free of charge a few weeks ago when they were both in Dubai.

Shuki said he appreciated it when he saw Floyd wearing it during the big boxing match.

Shuki estimates it could sell for over $5 million if it ever goes up for auction.”There’s only one in the world,” the jeweler said. “It’s become historical — it’s Floyd Mayweather.”


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