Floyd Mayweather Involved In Another Domestic Dispute With Baby Mama

In other “obviously jail time didn’t work for you” news, Mayweather could possibly find himself in hot water again after being involved in a domestic dispute with his baby mama last week.

On September 9th around 2am, police were called to Mayweather’s Las Vegas home where the mother of his child, Melissa Brim, lives. Yes, the same baby mama has 2 abuse claims against him that ended up landing him in jail in the first place. Brim called the police stating there was a ‘verbal altercation’ but when police arrived there were no signs of physical violence. Mayweather, who was released from county jail on August 3rd, is currently on probation.

The best thing that Floyd can do at this point is leave this woman be. How do you end up at her place of residence only a month after getting out of jail for beating her? Of course she’s going to call the police every time she sees you. She should. If Floyd was smart and valued his freedom, whatever issues he needs to handle with Brim need to be handled in court.

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