DC Young Fly, Rotimi and Jason Mitchell Talk What To Expect From New Film 'For The Love Of Money'

DC Young Fly, Rotimi and Jason Mitchell Talk What To Expect From New Film ‘For The Love Of Money’

Baller Alert joined the cast of “For the Love of Money” on the red carpet earlier this week and got all the deets about the new film.

The movie, which premieres November 24, just in time for Thanksgiving, tells the story of a single mother, who when pushed to her limits out of the need to protect her daughter, returns to a world she’s spent a lifetime running from. It stars Katt Williams, LisaRaye McCoy, Keri Hilson, Rotimi, Jason Mitchell, DC Young Fly, Cedric Pendleton, and Jazzy Jade. It features appearances by music artists Latto, Keith Sweat, and Lyfe Jennings.

DC Young Fly caught up with BA correspondent Angie B and said viewers should expect drama and range from his character in the film. “I’m a little serious in this one. I’m here to entertain, and I really take the craft seriously,” he said. DC talks about how entertaining isn’t just about going viral, “it’s about being perpetual.”

The production of the is just one example of people supporting an amazing story idea. “I believe in my brother’s man,” said DC. “You see what we can do when we get together? If we love each other and other’s ideas, let’s put the money behind it and shoot it…. And that’s what we did.”

Aside from acting, DC is one of three members of the 85 South Show. The popular digital comedy crew hosted the 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards, and according to DC, the trio also wrote and produced their hosting segment.

Along with DC, Rotimi visibly seemed to enjoy his cast when interacting with them on the carpet. Rotimi shares that his character in “For The Love of Money” is similar to his role in Power. “Tray is very very twisted. I think people are going to love that,” he said. “I wanted to give my fans something like this one more time so I hope they enjoy this ride.”

Rotimi and his fiance, Vanessa M’dee, took to Instagram on September 29 to introduce their first child, Seven Adeoluwa Akinosho. He shared his excitement of being a new father with Baller Alert. “Everything’s been great! We’re growing and we’re becoming even better friends,” said Rotimi. “You know when you have a little man that depends on you, it motivates you! And it humbles you very much. I’m in a great space.”

The “Power” star also talked about his first-ever headline tour, All or Nothing, starting early January. “The fans are really going to learn who I am and learn who I am,” said Rotimi. “I’m one of the best performers and people are really going to enjoy that.”

Jason Mitchell plays a bitter baby daddy in the movie. “This is something you rarely get to see,” he said. Mitchell is best known for portraying rapper Eazy-E in the 2015 biopic Straight Outta Compton. He shares the coolest part about his role in “For the Love of Money” is “playing a federal prosecutor and a great father– which I consider myself,” said Mitchell.

He also talks about the role switch from Eazy-E to Greg. “I went to saying F the police to being the police so it’s definitely a wild ride,” he said. “My character is a tad bit petty but he has the best one-liners in the movie.”

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