Forensic Pathologist Says Andre Hill’s Death Was A Homicide

Andre Hill’s death has been ruled a homicide by an Ohio coroner’s office this week.

Hill was fatally shot multiple times by a former Columbus police officer, CNN reported. He was shot once in the chest and three times in his right leg, forensic pathologist Dr. Elaine Amoresano, who performed the autopsy, stated.

Former officer Adam Coy shot and killed the 47-year-old Black man on December 22 within seconds of their encounter. Hill was unarmed and was seen on body camera footage walking towards Coy while holding an illuminated cell phone in his left hand.

The former officer has since been indicted on charges of murder in the commission of a felony, felonious assault, and two counts of dereliction of duty, one coming from his failure to use his body camera and the other “based on his failure to inform his fellow officer that he felt Andre Hill present a danger,” Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost stated.

Coy responded to a call on December 22 to reports of a man sitting in an SUV for an extended amount of time.

Upon arrival, Coy started shooting within seconds of seeing the victim. He also turned off his body camera following the shooting. Thanks to a special look-back feature, the camera captured 60 seconds of the incident with no audio.

It’s unknown if the two exchanged any words.

However, in the first few seconds of the video, Coy is heard telling Hill to get his hands out to the side and order him to get down on his stomach.

Roughly 37 seconds after the shooting, Coy asked whether a medic was coming.

A report the department’s chief following the killing said an officer who responded with Coy recalled him saying he saw a gun and that Coy yelled, “There’s a gun in his other hand, there’s a gun in his other hand!”

Coy was fired in December, and former Columbus Chief Thomas Quinlan, who stepped down in January, said that evidence against Coy gave a “solid rationale” for his termination.

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