That's Baller: Former Mandala Airlines Plane Being Transformed Into $7,300 Per Night Villa

That’s Baller: Former Mandala Airlines Plane Being Transformed Into $7,300 Per Night Villa

Travel innovators are taking an abandoned plane and transforming it into a breathtaking tour destination like none other.

The concept was birthed from an inoperable Boeing 737 that was part of a fleet belonging to Mandala Airlines. After debt issues, the company ceased all operations on July 1st, 2014. However, that doesn’t mean the planes are useless now. Felix Demin, the mastermind behind several luxury hotels in Bali, and investor Alexander Lebedev have already transported the aircraft to a cliff top overlooking Bali’s Nyang Nyang beach. It took a week to get the plane to its current position, but once there, it was dismantled and rebuilt on-site to ensure that the current environment allowed for the duo’s intricate vision.

Known as the Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens, this one-of-a-kind stay only consists of two rooms. An infinity pool with Indian Ocean views provides an added layer of relaxation, while the cockpit has been morphed into a full bathroom that includes a circular stone bathtub. One of the aircraft’s wings serves as a terrace, allowing guests another opportunity to take in the breathtaking view. Free wifi, complimentary self-parking, and a front desk that is open 24/7 give attendees around-the-clock concierge service.

Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens will officially open its doors in March 2023, but reservations can be made now on Expedia. But keep in mind, this is no cheap hotel. In fact, a visit here will run you $7,300 a night for both rooms. If you’re interested in a Bali vacation, this experience is worth every penny.

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