Former Australian Soccer Player Accuses YG and Ty Dolla $ign Of Jumping Him Over A Woman In A Nightclub

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According to Bossip, former soccer player and investor Nelly Yoa made allegations against rappers YG and Ty Dolla $ign, accusing the artists of jumping him in a Melbourne nightclub.

Yoa said the incident occurred in 2015 when the two celebrities attacked him and fled from the scene, without performing as contractually agreed.

The former athlete, who is also a promoter, said he negotiated for YG and Ty Dolla $ign to make an appearance and perform at the nightclub.

Yoa mentioned that things took a swift turn during the event when he spoke to one of the ladies who were partying with the rappers. He added that Ty Dolla $ign became infuriated when he saw him talking to the unknown woman.

The promoter told authorities that he was with the artists in a VIP section when their security guard began attacking him. Yoa said the security guard started punching him while holding a flashlight.

As Yoa attempted to defend himself, he said YG and Ty Dolla $ign intervened, kicking him as he laid on the ground.

After the assault, Yoa said the two immediately fled from the club without performing and left the country the next morning.

Footage from the incident shows a man with long dreadlocks quickly move from the VIP section and into what appears to be an altercation.

Yoa said he sustained injuries from the alleged attack, causing him to forfeit his contract with the Melbourne Football Club.

According to correspondence between both sides, which was reviewed by BOSSIP, Yoa established an agreement with the two artists’ lawyers, ordering them to pay him $115,009 by May 2020.

Yoa told Bossip he planned to donate the settlement money to nonprofits dedicated to feeding young people and the homeless during the pandemic.

But as we approach the end of the summer, Yoa said he never received compensation. He also mentioned that both artists blocked him on social media and declined all of his calls and emails.

”It is extremely painful and heartbreaking to see other black people treat one another like that,” Yoa told Bossip in an interview.

Yoa said he contacted the Melbourne Police and made a statement. YG and Ty Dolla $ign are wanted for questioning by local authorities, he added.

Bossip reached out to the lawyers of both artists but did not hear back from them.

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