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Former Celebrity Stylist Law Roach Details The Final Straw That Led To His Retirement

Law Roach opens up about the incident that prompted him to declare his retirement from styling celebrities.

Last week, Roach posted a disheartening message on Instagram announcing his retirement. The stylist didn’t give any details to why he made the abrupt decision initially but later discussed his choice in an interview with The Cut. According to Roach, the final straw that led to his departure was a situation between a client and her team that occurred before an Oscars party.

“That morning, I got a call from one of my clients; it was her, her publicist, and somebody from a brand that I’m supposed to do [a] project with,” Roach explained. “And I found myself on the phone with these three women, and I felt like I was defending myself because the one woman from the brand was like, ‘Oh, he’s not communicating, and you’re not gonna have a dress,’ and all these things. And it was just a lot of things that were not true.”

He then expressed he was hurt because his client didn’t come to his defense seeing as he always protect his clients.

“I thought that she knew that my goal always is to protect my clients. And at that moment, I just didn’t feel like I was being protected.” He continued, “That call was very early the very next day after. And the client was one of the clients that I dressed that night. And it’s just like, I got off the phone, and I felt like I’m still fighting. I’m still fighting. I’m still defending myself.”

Nevertheless, Roach clarifies that he’s not retiring from fashion but from celebrity styling.

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