Former NBA Player Ty Lawson Banned from Chinese Basketball Association For Saying Chinese Women “Got Cakes On The Low”

They always say, “watch what you post online,” because you never know who will see it, and those same posts could have serious and lasting consequences.

Just ask former NBA player Ty Lawson, who has been banned from the Chinese Basketball Association over his own inappropriate posts.

Over the weekend, Lawson took to Instagram to share his opinion about Chinese women. In one post, the baller said he needed to “switch up his stance soon” because Chinese women “got cakes on the low.” In another post, he uploaded a photo of himself getting a lap dance with the caption, “Yolo, I guess lol.”

In response to what the Chinese Basketball Association deemed as forms of discrimination based on race and gender, the Fujian Sturgeons released Lawson from the team immediately, citing his violation of the team’s “social responsibilities and core values.” Shortly after that, the baller was slapped with a lifetime ban by the Association.

Lawson then returned to social media to apologize for his posts and comments.

“People told me not to address this,” he said, “but I got to speak up for myself. I’m the probably least racist person you’ve met in your life.”

“I meant no disrespect…,” he added, “everybody (who) knows me in China knows I’m not that person.”

Lawson had an eight-year career in the NBA before his three-season stint in the CBA.

Ty Lawson Banned
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