Former New Jersey Police Officers Plead Guilty After Vandalizing The Cars of A Man Who Filed A Complaint Against Them

According to the NY Daily News, two former New Jersey police officers both plead guilty for vandalizing a man’s cars after he filed a complaint against them.

Thomas Dowling and Stephen Martinsen, former officers of the Asbury Park Police Department, admitted to breaking the windows of one and slashing the tires on two of the man’s cars back in September 2019, the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office said.

The two men admitted that they vandalized the cars as an act of revenge for an internal affairs complaint against them filed by the owner.

The details of the complaint are currently unknown to the public at this time.

The former police officers are required to reimburse the owner for the damages they caused, which is over $500 and cannot obtain any public service employment in the State of New Jersey as apart of their plea deal. Martinsen was suspended since the original incident, and Dowling was fired after the charges were first filed.

Prosecutors have recommended for the former officers to be sentenced to probation after they pay the damages.

Stephen Martinsen & Thomas Dowling

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