Former Oklahoma State Player Tyreek Hill Pleads Guilty To Domestic Assault & Battery By Strangulation

Former Oklahoma State RB, Tyreek Hill, can attempt to move forward with his life after pleading guilty to domestic assault and battery by strangulation.

Hill was dismissed from the school’s football and track team last December after he was arrested and charged with punching and choking his then pregnant girlfriend.

“He accepted responsibility,” said Hill’s attorney. “He understands what he did, and addressed the things that needed to be addressed so he can put this situation behind him.”

Hill will be placed on probation until 2018 and will not face any additional penalties as long as he doesn’t violate his conditions. He must complete anger management, pay a $500 fine, and attend a one year program for batterers. On the positive side if he does this and stays out of trouble his case will be dismissed and nothing will appear on his record.

Hopefully Tyreek can get his life back on track. Maybe another college team will reach out to him once this situation dies down.

Source: FoxSports

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