Fort Hood Military Base Commander Is Removed From His Post After Several Suspicious Soldier Deaths And Disappearances

The commander of military base Fort Hood in Texas has been removed from his post following several suspicious soldier deaths.

The U.S. Army said in a statement Tuesday that Major General Scott Efflandt has been removed from his position and will also be removed from his role as commander of a division at Fort Bliss.

This comes as the base has had at least 15 deaths and disappearances of soldiers, most notably Vanessa Guillen, 20, who disappeared in April after telling her family she was being sexually harassed by another soldier.

Her body was found dismembered in July, and investigators revealed Spc. Aaron Robinson, 20, killed her before killing himself when he became a person of interest.

Just last week, Sgt. Elder Fernandes, 23, was discovered dead after going missing on August 17.

It took two days to report Fernandes missing, and it was later revealed that he claimed he was being sexually abused by a male superior before he disappeared.

The Army announced that Gen. John Murray, commanding general of U.S. Futures Command, will be appointed to “lead an in-depth investigation into the chain of command actions related to Spc. Vanessa Guillen.”

There are currently multiple open investigations at Fort Hood already with this investigation taking a “more complete and comprehensive investigation that will delve into all activities and levels of leadership.”

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