Four NYPD Cops’ ”Love Rectangle” Results In Officers Being Stripped Of Their Guns To Avoid Them Killing Each Other

Four cops have gotten themselves entangled in a “love rectangle” that resulted in them being stripped of their firearms so they wouldn’t kill each other.
The New York Post reports that an NYPD sergeant cheated on his cop girlfriend with a fellow officer, whose husband is also on the job — and the bosses took away everyone’s guns so they wouldn’t kill each other, sources told The Post on Monday. Last year, Sgt. Kandou Worley, 40, and Officer Stephanie Gallardo, 33 were both assigned to the department’s Strategic Response Group where their romance started, according to an NYPD document.
The affair came to light when Worley’s live-in girlfriend, Tyeis Coppin, a union delegate in the 32nd Precinct, found suspicious photos on his cellphone. One of the photos shows Gallardo and Worley cuddling while Worley’s chest is damp with water. Another photo shows the two kissing and caressing each other. In a rage, Coppin then took to Worley’s Instagram account and posted the photos. In the caption Coppin wrote, “I told my girl I loved her 10 mins b4 I f–ked this one,” and “She’s someone’s wife, she’s not my girl tho. I have one and this is not her!!!!”
Worley found the photos posted and notified Gallardo. Gallardo was then called in for questioning after the department found out about the incident. Gallardo referred to her and Worley’s romance as a “personal relationship” and claims it was from September to October. The gag is, Gallardo is still living with her husband fellow SRG cop Cristian Gallardo, but she claims the two have been separated since March. She also claimed “that with the exception of kissing while together off-duty on a number of occasions, the relationship [with Worley] was not intimate.”
As a result of the four-way love jones, the police department seized all four cops’ guns because the circumstances raised “the potential for violent outcomes due to the sensitive nature of infidelity and everyone having access to guns.” The case was turned over to Special Operations Division Investigations Unit for further review on Dec. 30, “including a review of social media.” All four police officers were given back their guns.
The NYPD Patrol Guide doesn’t prohibit relationships between cops — even involving a superior and a subordinate — “except if you’re a police supervisor in the police academy,” said Lt. John Grimpel.

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