Four Proud Boys Members Who Participated In Capitol Riot Found Guilty Of Seditious Conspiracy

Four Proud Boys Members Who Participated In Capitol Riot Found Guilty Of Seditious Conspiracy

Several more Proud Boys members have been found guilty for their roles in the shocking January 6th U.S. Capitol attack.

Though it’s been two years since Trump supporters stormed the Capitol and attacked anyone standing in their way, justice is still being served to those who participated in that notorious day. On Thursday, Enrique Tarrio, Zachary Rehl, Joseph Biggs, and Ethan Nordean were found guilty of seditious conspiracy. This seldom-used Civil War-era law is applied to those who incite an insurrection against established authority, a reasonable charge for what the men did. The goal of the Capitol riot was to overturn President Joe Biden’s presidential win. Additionally, Tarrio, Biggs, Nordean, and Rehl were convicted of conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, NBC News reports.

The trial against the men kicked off in December. High-ranking Proud Boys leader Jeremy Bertino testified against them. He told prosecutors that the far-right group believed they needed to do anything to “save the country.” He says the cooperative fell into a “collective panic” after Biden was elected. Bertino pled guilty to seditious conspiracy in October 2022. He has yet to be sentenced. 

Tario’s participation in the January 6th attack was especially difficult to prove, considering that he was not actually present during the attack. The day prior, a judge banned him from Washington, D.C., after he vandalized a Black Lives Matter flag at a historically Black church on January 4th. Tario was also found with a high-capacity gun magazine that day. Still, from his hotel room, prosecutors say he conspired with other Proud Boys to take over the Capitol.

A sentencing date for the Proud Boys will be announced soon.

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