“Free My Homie!” Why Do We Demand The Freedom Of Our Loved Ones While They’re Locked Up?

It’s become common nature in our community to shout out, wear t-shirts, pretty much support any family and friends who commit crimes and go to jail. Knowing that their actions, in many cases, were wrong and probably against your personal morals. Where do Family and friends draw the line…if there is one?

It’s natural to ride for your loved ones until the end, no matter what. But what if someone you love commits murder? Or molests a child? Do you continue to support them? Will you wear them on a shirt asking for their freedom? Send commissary, mail, etc.? 

As much as we may try to go through life without judging others, it happens, and when someone goes to jail regardless of the reason, people looked at them differently. That applies to family and friends as well. 

The crazy part about the judgment is that the same family and friends that may shun someone for going to jail for a crime weren’t present enough, if at all, to help prevent that person from making the wrong choice. If the relationship is that genuine, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends, everyone should be keeping those around them on a straight and narrow path. Don’t laugh and say, “That’s crazy” the next time your homeboy says he wants to hit a lick. You know it’s wrong, he knows it wrong, so don’t do it. REAL friends tell their friends the truth…and when they’re trippin!

There would be no need to scream “Free Pee Wee” if Pee Wee was already free and living life with you. It’s time for everyone to become accountable for not only themselves but the ones around them.

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