Ballerific Travel: French Luxury Tour Operator Launching All-Inclusive World "Air Cruise" Starting at $75K

Ballerific Travel: French Luxury Tour Operator Launching All-Inclusive World “Air Cruise” Starting at $75K

So much for ships. The French luxury tour operator, Safrans du Monde, has amped up the competition with its plans to offer world “air cruises” on an Airbus A340 at the starting price of $75,000.

The chartered jet will offer travelers a unique way to see the world on a multi-day all-inclusive itinerary. Those who are willing to pay the hefty ticket price will enjoy private flights, 5-star hotels, daily meals, and excursions in each city.

Those interested have two options available: the 22-day World Tour Grands Classiques with stops in South America, Australia, and Asia or the company’s 24-day World Tour Special Edition, which offers Mexico, New Zealand, Israel, and other countries. 

Apparently, since opening reservations, the company has been “booming.” A spokesperson for Safrans du Monde told the outlet that they are “confident that the plane will be filled in no time, as every year.”

Tickets range from $75,000 to $122,000 per person, and two fare options are available — Club Safrans and Première Safrans.

Première has some added plush similar to first-class service and other luxurious accommodations.

The company rented the plane from Maltese private charter airline AirX Charter for the upcoming trips. It features 100 business lie-back seats and can accommodate up to 440 passengers.

Sounds divine.

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