Fresno Airport Workers Fired For TikTok Recorded On The Job

Fresno Airport Workers Fired For TikTok Recorded On The Job

Former employees at the Fresno Yosemite International Airport in California were fired after recording a TikTok that went viral, while on the clock.

The video now has more than 300,000 views since being posted Jan. 24. The video features four ramp agents dancing throughout different parts of the airport including in front of a plane, on a baggage cart and inside the passenger area.

After the video went viral, the four men featured in the video were fired due to the video featuring ‘inappropriate behavior.”

“We were done with work, we had 30 minutes left, we were like let’s make a video, whatever,” Tommy Chan, one of the men featured in the video told KPGE. “The plane for the day was already done, all the luggage was taken care of, all of our duties were done, so we decided to make a little video,” Dannon Kredo said, who was also featured in the video.

Kredo says he does not regret the video.

“I don’t even understand what’s such a bad thing about what we did because we’re giving positive promotion for this company,” Kredo said.

Although the four men were not directly employed by the airport, the Fresno Yosemite airport issued a statement saying the video was unauthorized and filmed during work hours.

“In the video, the employees’ inappropriate behavior in the work environment displays poor judgment and does not reflect the conduct expected of individuals working at the FAT,” the released statement said. “FAT is working with the company to try and re-train its staff on appropriate behavior and to prevent these types of events in the future.”

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